FIREXO 2LTR ALL FIRES - supply, install & Commission

FIREXO 2LTR ALL FIRES - supply, install & Commission

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All new fire extinguishers supplied to businss's must be commissioned by a fully qualified service technician.

Firexo's 2 litre fire extinguisher is the perfect-portable fire extinguishing appliance for protecting against any fire risk in the home, business, anywhere.

It is the only solution able to extinguisher all classes of fires (A, B, C, D, E & F) fast.  Meaning that there is no need to have multiple extinguisher types anymore.

Suitable for; wood, paper textiles, flammable liquids, gas, live electrical, metal fires & Cooking oil fires.

Unlike a dry powder extinguisher this does not reduce visibilty, make a mess or cause aspyhixation if used indoors.


    • Model/Product number : 809-765-347-846
    • Capacity (litres) : 2
    • Cylinder Height : 405mm
    • Outer Diameter : 340mm
    • Cylinder Material : Steel
    • Pressurizing Gas Nitrogen
    • Test Pressure : 30 bar
    • Working Pressure at 20˚C : 12 bar
    • Weight Full : 3.82kg
    • Weight Empty : 1.4kg
    • Spray Range : 1 – 3m
    • Discharge Time at 20˚C : 20 – 30 seconds
    • Temperature Range : (˚C) minus 5 / plus 60
    • Warranty : 5yr
    • Fire Rating : 13A 34B/C/D/E 25F
    • CE Approval : Yes

    Non Faulty Items;

    30 day money back guarantee on all purchases supplied.

    Any items that have been purchased, supplied, installed & Commissioned on site by our qualified technician will be liable for a service charge of £49.95.

    Faulty Items;

    Contact us immediatley when you discover a fault, faulty items will be collected by us inspected, and replaced.


    Our fully qualified technicians will deliver & Commission the extinguishers at the premises where the extinguisher(s) will be sited and issue a commissioning certificate.

    From point of order to delivery & Commissioning is within 1-5 days, this will be confirmed once the order has been placed.