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Rapid-10 Sanitiser 6 Litre

Rapid-10 Sanitiser 6 Litre

What is Rapid 10?

A portable sanitising solution that eliminates and protects against several  “enveloped” viruses similar to COVID-19, achieving 99.9-99.99% kill ratio across the testing range. It works to break the chain of infection that we’re naturally exposed to. Simply spray the sanitiser in and around the environment / workspace prior to commencing activity for the ultimate protection and peace of mind.

  • Coverage and Applications

    • 30 minutes of discharge time for you to use freely
    • 6ltr unit covers up to 550sqm
    • Perfect portable protection for working in and around a number environments where footfall is high and frequent
    • Offices
    • Transport vehicles
    • Factories & Warehouses
    • Retail & Supermarkets
    • Stadiums, Arenas and Parks
    • Schools, Universities & Collages
    • Carehomes
    • Wedding Venues
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