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Fire Safety Training

*All employers have a legal responsibility to provide information, instruction and training to all employees regarding the fire precautions within their workplace*

Fire Safety Training Information

You will, no doubt, be aware of the potentially devastating effects of fires in the workplace in terms of lives lost, injuries, damage to property and the environment, and to the business continuity.


You may also be aware that it is believed that most fires are preventable. The importance of fire safety in the workplace is underpinned by health and safety legislation that places a duty on employers to establish policies and procedures and ensure their employees receive appropriate training. This course is designed for all employers who require their staff to have a better understanding of fire safety within the workplace. It deals with how fires can occur and what to do in the event of a fire.


The course will help employees who want to develop their fire safety awareness in order to assist their employer by undertaking more specific fire safety roles in the workplace to manage fire risk (e.g. as fire wardens/marshals/stewards etc). Successful candidates will be awarded a Certificate of Competence in Fire Safety.


• Approx. 3-hour Course

• Legislation (Brief).

• Understanding the Fire Triangle.

• Fire safety DVD Presentation.

• The theory of Fire.

• A look back in history at previous fire incidents and how we learn from these.

• Fire prevention & Good housekeeping.

• Getting to know your workplace.

• How to reduce the risk of fire in the workplace, identifying risks.

• Human Behaviour in fire situations & evacuation.

• Fire evacuation & escape routes.

• Get to know your Fire Extinguishers and the Classifications of Fires.

• Fire Extinguisher Demonstration (where each delegate gets to discharge fire extinguishers outside)

• The role of the Fire Marshall & Fire safety management responsibilities.


Certification Assessment is on-going by the instructor, culminating with a multiple-choice question paper. Each candidate will be awarded a Certificate of Competence in Fire Safety, it is advised that annual refresher courses are taken to ensure staff are up to date with procedures and any policy changes.


Cost: £395.00 + Vat up to 10 Persons, for additional persons there will be a charge of £19.95 + Vat per person. Max 20 persons per session.

Fire Safety Training

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