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Work From Home Kit

*Our Work From Home Kit consists of a 6ltr Water Mist Fire Extinguisher, a Fire Blanket and P.A.T Testing of all electrical appliances being used within the workspace*

Remote Team Meeting

Working From Home?

During these unprecedented times with Covid-19, many employers are having to enable their staff to work from home.
As employers, you have no doubt provided staff with equipment to enable them to carry out their work.
Have you considered the Health & Safety implications?
Here at Firecheck Services (UK) Ltd we understand that many employers want to ensure that they can still provide adequate safety for their employees, that is why we have designed a fire safety package specifically designed for home workers.
We are now providing the all in one fire safety solution.
We will supply, install & commission a 6ltr Water Mist Fire Extinguisher that will provide adequate cover in the workspace, a fire blanket, and also carry out PAT Testing on equipment that are being used in the workspace at home.
Once the equipment and been delivered and commissioned we will provide a Certificate of Compliance.


This will provide additional safety for working from home but will also give peace of mind for the employee and employer.

Our Work From Home Package Consists of 3 Things..

Work From Home

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