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Compact Double Extinguisher Trolley

Compact Double Extinguisher Trolley

Expect all the tough features and durability of the Double Extinguisher Trolley in a compact, space-saving design.
This extremely robust steel-framed extinguisher trolley is powder-coated for the utmost resistance to severe conditions. It’s designed to accommodate two models up to 9kg in size, a rotary alarm bell and a fire bucket. The small backboard is pre-drilled for fitting rotary alarm bells, including the CommandAlert Site Alarm, but can also be used to fit battery-operated alarms and other ancillary equipment.
The sleek, compact design of the trolley means it’ll fit discreetly in most places. The extinguishers sit low, reducing the centre of gravity and making them easy to handle. Accessories are sold separately.

Fire XO Exting
Fire Blanket
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